We are a group of Columbine alumni with a message of hope and encouragement. Whether you’ve been hurt in a shooting, bullied at school or been forgotten - pain is pain. We want to offer reassurance that even when the future seems dark, hold on to hope and have confidence in the knowledge that you can heal and reclaim your happiness.

We believe our message of hope and healing is universal and can do an incredible amount of good for many people. Take a few minutes to explore this site - watch the videos of people who care sharing their messages of hope - learn more about the book - and remember you will be okay.


Our goal is to create a library of resources for people who have undergone hardship and trauma. To do this, we are creating videos of hope, resilience and healing on a myriad of topics, including chronic illness, recovery from abuse, homelessness, veterans returning to civilian life, human trafficking, and more.

We need help and can’t do this alone. Here’s a list of current needs:

- Donations. We need your help to create beautiful, useful resources for people in need.

- Translators. We want to have subtitles for as many videos as possible so that they can reach a world-wide audience. America is not the only country affected by violence and pain.

- Camera crews interested in helping people to create videos and tell their stories.

- People with stories of healing to share. We’d like to collaborate with you.

- Awareness. Please share this project with anyone you can.

If you would like to participate or to contact any of the speakers featured in the videos, please email: